Welding Services

Newcastle Welding can assist you with a full range of weld and fabrication services in Mild Steel, Stainless Steel and Aluminium.

TIG Welding

TIG Welding offers a weld that is better than standard welding. There is very low distortion, improved control of the heat, and we can weld with or without filling metal. In addition, there are fewer spatters and the work environment is spark free.

MIG Welding

For MIG Welding, a wire is fed from a spool. This type of welding is used as a high deposition rate process and allows for all position capability. MIG welding is considerably easier than TIG hence it requires less training to learn and is easier to make longer, consistent welds. Minimal cleaning of the surface to be welded is required.

Arc Welding

This common form of welding is done with intense heat, whereby metals mix together when welded at the joint, creating a metal long lasting bond. It can be used in many applications.

The sorts of welding services that we provide include:

  • Custom built mining equipment safety upgrades
  • Repairs & manufacturing for any make or model of digger or plant equipment
  • Forming and bending with a heavy duty press
  • Shearing and cutting with industrial cutter
  • Fully equipped machining workshop
  • Designing & Engineering of custom fabrication projects
  • Fully equipped self-contained mobile welding trailer
  • Manufacturing and installation of hydraulic cylinders & components

If you have a project for mining, construction or industry and require expert boiler makers, welders and engineers then we can help.