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Marine Technician

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As a Marine Technician in the Navy you’ll learn how to operate, and maintain, a wide range of plant and equipment vital to the ongoing operation of ships in the Naval fleet.

Marine Technician (MT) sailors are required to be adept at operating, monitoring and maintaining equipment in a wide and diverse range of platforms both in a seagoing and shore-based environment. As operators or maintainers, MTs are required to operate equipment and monitor performance to identify trends which have the potential to impact on the operational capability of a ship and to initiate corrective action if required. As part of their maintenance function, they are required to conduct periodic (e.g.: hourly, weekly, monthly, annual etc) routine planned maintenance, attend to breakdown maintenance, and assist contractors in higher level maintenance.

The MT sailor is responsible for the operation and maintenance of various machinery and associated systems throughout the ship including, but not limited to:

  • The ships’ main propulsion machinery (gas turbine and / or diesel / diesel electric plants);
  • Associated propulsion control and monitoring systems;
  • Electrical power generation and distribution including High Power (33 Kv , 440v), Domestic Power (110-240 Volts), Low Voltage (24 volts and below), and milli volt control systems;

o Auxiliary systems including Air Conditioning, Ventilation,

o Refrigeration and Davits;

o Liquid and cargo handling systems;

o Hull structures and fittings;

o Ship’s boats;

o Basic fault finding and diagnostics on all aforementioned systems including control circuits, 110, 240, 440 V power supplies;

o In situ repair and component change out of pumps, motors and ancillary system equipment; and

o Manufacture/supply/install components to systems as part of a Fleet Support Unit work team.

Maintenance activities regularly require the use of a wide range of skills including mechanical, electrical, hull and, fluid power. As such, on completion of the initial minimum period of service of 4 years, MTs may be given the option of completing trade training to undertake their role as maintainers. On completion of this training, the sailor can return to the ship or establishment and perform maintenance duties relating to a specific system or skill set.

There is a wide variety of trade specialisations for you to choose from.

Trades offered include:


Refrigeration and Air Conditioning,



Fluid Power (Hydraulics),

Electrical (High Power),

Welding and

GRP (Fibreglass)

Successful completion of the Marine Technician Apprenticeship will result in the awarding of a Certificate III in one specific trade stream such as Diesel, Refrigeration or Electrical. This qualification meets the requirement of the appropriate Industry Training and Advisory Board (ITAB) Training Package and is a nationally recognised qualification.

This is truly a job like no other. Your garage is not just a corner store with a few cars; it’s thousands of square feet and hundreds of tonnes of advanced machinery. These Marine Technician roles are open to both females and males.

Pay and Benefits

You’ll be paid while you undertake your training, and receive free healthcare and subsidised accommodation. Upon completion of training, you’ll enjoy a starting salary package of approximately $60,423 p.a. + 18% superannuation.

Entry Requirements

You must be at least 17 years of age and an Australian citizen. Additional age, medical and fitness guidelines may apply.

Education Requirements

To qualify for entry, you must have successfully completed Year 10 with passes in English, Mathematics and Science.

How to apply

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